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Carey Construction Ltd, as groundworks, landscaping, brickwork and steel erection specialists based in Tunbridge Wells, have a fantastic local reputation and have developed many long-standing, rewarding relationships with local trades and development companies; likewise, we receive many word of mouth recommendations from domestic clients who love the projects we’ve completed on their behalf – from driveways and patios, to foundations and footings for extensions.

Many of our clients have been so kind to provide us with testimonials, which you can find right here on our website. But, understandably, many prospective clients in the TunbridgeWells area want more than just a recommendation; they want concrete evidence of how a provider of groundworks, brickwork, landscaping or steel erection services can set themselves out from the crowd. So without further ado…

8 Reasons to Choose Carey Construction Ltd for Work in Tunbridge Wells

  1. Our team draw up detailed plansfor all proposed groundworks, landscaping projects, brickwork and steel workerection – working closely with clients to ensure that all requirements andfeatures, aesthetic and functional (e.g supported load of foundations), areincorporated.
  2. Farfrom just a local company, we servethe wider South East, so Tunbridge Wells locals who’ve used us before but havemoved out the area need not take on the hassle of finding a company with asimilarly high standard of workmanship and customer service.
  3. Long-term guarantees providepeace of mind to clients; they extend to everything from groundworks andbrickwork, to steel work erection and landscaping jobs. We’re that confident inour team’s ability, and the quality materials we source from local suppliersaround Tunbridge Wells.
  4. We carryfull public and employers’ liability insurance policies. This coverage is essential, and we urge Tunbridge Wellscompanies and residents who may be sounding out other groundworks, brickwork,landscaping and steel work erection providers to ensure these other optionshave it in place.
  5. Carey Construction Ltd neverpressures clients into putting money down or signing contracts before they areready. To this end, initial consultations are free and no obligation, as arethe quotes we issue.
  6. Speaking of quotes, our pricingis extremely competitive and it’s hard to find any company offering top qualitygroundworks, landscaping, brickwork or steel work erection that is quite asaffordable as our own. Our philosophy is that great construction work shouldn’tbe out of reach, whatever your budget.
  7.  “Customer care” is an importantpart of our vocabulary. While the work we carry out around Tunbridge Wellsspeaks for itself, it’s important to not neglect the form in which it’sdelivered. Whether you’re investing in a minor, domestic landscaping project orgroundworks / brickwork and steel work erection for a massive commercialproject, your contractor of choice should be clear in communication, on hand toprovide advice and assistance when you require it, and always approachable,friendly and considerate; we tick all these boxes and many more.
  8. The 70 years of sharedexperience our team hold make us one of the most veteran companies availablefor work not just in Tunbridge Wells, but manyareas of the South East. It’s true experience isn’t everything, but it certainly makes a difference, and usually leadsto a higher standard of groundworks, landscaping work, steel work erection andbrickwork; on our gallery, you can see just how this experience manifests viareal world examples.  

Have a question regarding the groundworks, brickwork, landscaping and steel work erections services we provide Tunbridge Wells? Call Carey Construction Ltd today on 01892 52 0143.

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Carey Construction Ltd are family-run groundworks and brickworks specialists based in Tunbridge Wells. With over 70 years of experience between our workforce, we cater for the needs of both domestic and commercial clients not just locally, but also in the surrounding areas of Sevenoaks, Kent and Sussex.